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The Andersen's rhododendron nursery

The Andersen's rhododendron nursery. Click to enlarge.

The Andersons' Earlier Hybrids

Rhodendron 'Amanda Joan Young'  habit Close-up of Rhodendron 'Amanda Joan Young'
Amanda Joan Young
Vulcan x unnamed Dexter seedling
Rhodendron 'Kelsey Lynn Young' habit Close-up of Rhodendron 'Kelsey Lynn Young'
Kelsey Lynn Young
Vulcan x unnamed Dexter seedling

A Dexter seedling, acquired in 1970, had no particular virtue except hardiness and very large, pale pink, fragrant flowers. This plant proved to have a more restrained growth habit as compared to many other Dexters. We nicknamed it UDS for easy use in records. Pollen from UDS was put onto Vulcan, a deep red, and a group of seedlings was grown on in 1976. Two of these seedlings were selected for naming and registration.

They are each hardy to at least -10° F. Amanda Joan Young is a compact plant, Kelsey Lynn Young reaches about 5 to 6 feet in 10 years. Both branch readily and are very floriferous, blooming in mid-May.

Habit of rhododendron 'April Rhapsody' Close-up of Rhododendron 'April Rhapsody'

April Rhapsody
April Gem x Vibrant Violet

Many rhododendron lovers have admired ‘Vibrant Violet’, a deep purple lepidote hybridized b Frank Fujioka of Whidbey Island, Washington. It makes a brilliant display in Northwest gardens. The plant is too tender in the Northeast. By crossing “Vibrant Violet” onto ‘April Gem’, a hardy lepidote from Gus Mehlquist, a hardy plant has been produced.

It is about 3.5 feet tall in 10 years with an upright habit and small leaves. It branches well. The bloom color is similar to ‘Vibrant Violet’, the pollen parent. It is hardy to at least -10° F.

Habit of Rhodendron 'Bliss' Close-up of Rhodendron ' Bliss'

Percy Wiseman x Donna Hardgrove, selfed

‘Donna Hardgrove’, selfed seed was acquired from the ARS seed exchange in 1976. In 1984, one of these seedlings was crossed with 'Percy Wiseman'. 'Percy Wiseman' was attracting much attention at the time so there was hope for a nice yellow plant. When the seedlings bloomed in 1990, one of the seedlings attracted our attention with its subtle beauty.

'Bliss' is a small to medium grower. Delicate pink flowers fade on aging to a pale yellow with a stronger yellow throat. The foliage is medium green. The plant is hardy to at least -10°F.

Rhododendron 'Delicate Air' Cose-up of Rhododendron 'Delicate Air'

Delicate Air
Percy Wiseman x Keystone

We had acquired ‘Percy Wiseman’ in the early 60s and were pleased with its small size and yellow coloring. It is hardy in zone 6. ‘Keystone’ was given to us by Weldon Delp at about the same time. It is a cross of ‘Gosh Darn’ x (‘Mrs. H. R. Yates’ x R. Wardii). It is a strong growing plant with pale yellow flowers. ‘Delicate Air’ has flowers that open pale yellow tinted with pink in the outer petals. The pink fades leaving pale yellow flowers. The flowers reminded us of a folk song about a lass with a “delicate air”.

It is a medium grower, well branched with medium dark foliage. It is hardy in Zone 6.

Habit of rhododendron 'Ellie Green' Close-up of rhododendron 'Ellie Green'

Janet Blair x R. strigillosum

In 1981, Al Fitzburgh provided seed #00867 to the ARS seed exchange. We grew the seed on, ultimately choosing Ellie as the best of the group. One can see the R. strigillosum influence in the foliage and in the late April bloom time. In Belleview, Washington she blooms in mid-March.

The plant branches nicely with medium green foliage on a medium size plant. It is hardy to about -10°F.

Habit of rhododendron 'Seagold' Close-up of rhododendron 'Seagold'

Amanda Joan Young x Golden Star

We used ‘Amanda Joan Young’ as a seed parent in many early crosses particularly with yellow flowered pollen parents. (‘Amanda Joan Young’ does not produce pollen.) The resultant seedlings tended to be moderate in size. This characteristic was evidently inherited from the seed parent. The cross with ‘Golden Star’ was made in 1983. We selected one out of about 40 seedlings to name and register.

The plant is medium in size, has pink buds opening to a medium golden yellow and is well branched. Leaves are held for 2 years. ‘Seagold’ is hardy to at least -10°F.

The Andersons Latest Hybrids

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