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R. Taurus

This picture was submitted by Gus Cerini. It is a truss from the hybrid rhododendron, Taurus. Taurus is a cross between the hybrid seed parent, The Honourable Jean Marie de Montague and the species pollen parent, Rhododendron strigillosum. While R. strigillosum is relatively hardy, Taurus has inherited Jean Marie’s low tolerance to cold and is hardy to only -5° Fahrenheit and must be positioned in a well protected spot.

The large growing Taurus, with it’s hot red flowers and broad foliage is a favorite of many members in the Chapter, who at the beginning of each season compare how many buds have bloomed. One of the very attractive features of the plant are the deep red winter buds, particularly striking against snow covered lawns:

Meetings and Activities


In September, Marc Zukovich gave an excellent presentation on Soil that generated many questions from our members which were answered knowledgeably. Marc will present to us again next season. October saw Allan Anderson presenting a program dealing with hybrids and climate. We were informed and entertained by Don Hyatt’s presentation of his “Bucket List” in November. Our February luncheon speaker was Jim Fry, who gave a talk dealing with all aspects of the evolution of his garden. In March, Al Fitzburgh gave another of his “hands-on” demonstrations of rooting cuttings, which drew a number of outside guests.

Our April “Show & Tell” meeting was obliterated by the weather knocking out early rhododendron blooms, so Al Fitzburgh showed slides of companion plants and Gus Cerini showed slides of everything else that bloomed in Lydia’s garden.

Tappan Zee’s annual plant sale was once again held after a year’s absence, featuring plants from a local New Jersey Nursery. The sale was successful, helpfully contributing to our diminished treasury. Arnold Card is to be congratulated for supervising the project. He and Bernie Golden played key roles in picking up and delivering the plants. Members who contributed to our success were Irene Card, Jeannie & Susan Lange, Susan’s friend, Dave, Don and Ellen Stoneham, Virginia Shen, Shirley and Allan Anderson, Martin Winkler and Lydia Cerini. Many other members were present to lend their support and the Chapter thanks them.

And our final activity, the Garden Tour and Luncheon, hosted by Mildred and Al Fitzburgh saw 22 people thoroughly enjoying the food and one another’s company in the close of a rewarding year. It is said that the camel is a horse that was designed by a committee. In our case, rule by committee proved successful!

Regular Memberships: Both spouses are included in a regular membership for $40.

Associate Memberships: Anyone interested in joining neighboring chapters as an Associate Member for a very reasonable $10.00 please contact:

For Princeton: Lester Martin, 52 Glenwood Rd. Colts Neck, NJ  07722 LesterRMartin@gmail.com

For New York: Marianne Feller, 88 Old Field Road, Old Field, NY 11733-1646 thefellers@verizon.net

For TZ memberships, directions or any other inquiries call Lydia or Gus Cerini at 845-735-3475


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